Mikhail and the three questions

The company Bufanúvols presents Mikhail and the three questions This musical show for all audiences is an adaptation of the story "What makes men live” by Lév Tolstoy.
The shoemaker Semen was not able to raise enough money to buy a coat to pass the cold Russian winter. He feels so poor! But soon he’ll find someone even poorer than him ...¿What will he do? Ignore him? Or give a hand to those in need? And how will he manage to help, since he believes he has nothing? Semen and his wife will trust the mysterious newcomer, Mikhail. In return, he will raise three puzzling questions. By answering these questions, they will find out what makes people live.
This story expresses Tolstoy’s concern about essential and profound. The company Bufanúvols stage it tenderly, with humour and lots of music!