Pau Tarruell and Carmina Mas

Founders of the Bufanúvols company in 1987, Carmina and Pau begin their itinerary accompanying the Fura dels Baus in a parade in Castellar del Vallés. After that, they organize a campaign to send different food trucks to the Sahrawi people. They also create different shows performing in festivals and schools all over Catalonia. Throughout these 27 years they have also acted in many towns and cities of Spain as Castellón, Madrid, Plasencia, Cáceres, Ciudad Real, Santiago de Compostela, Toledo, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Ávila. Also in Lyon and Paray le Monial.

They have done many shows, parades, and many lively dancing traditional dances. They teach their dances, and encourage people to sing and dance. They extol the value of friendship, the beauty of nature and diffuse the need to work for peace and peace among peoples.

Wherever they go, they repeat.

27 years working to spread peace:

It could be a wonderful world (Pete Seeger)

“If we could consider each other
a neighbor, a friend, or a brother
It could be a wonderful, wonderful world,
It could be a wonderful world, oh-ho
It could be a wonderful world”